Pat Riley

Pat Riley
Graduate of UCD – High School teacher for 13 yrs. Began my R.E.
career in 1972. Encouraged by a Broker in San Juan Bautista,
Calif. to obtain my Real Estate License as I was bringing him
clients. I was impressed by the country lifestyle that San Benito
Co, offered.

I enjoy hunting for the right home and property for
potential buys. Clients become long lasting friends and haven made my career successful by referrals. I have a farming background as I owned 17 acres of Blenheim Apricots in Hollister Calif. I developed a product made with Dried apricots called it
“Something Special”, an apricot conserve, and sold it in gourmet
food stores throughout Monterey, Santa Clara, and San Benito
counties. Pat Riley Phone: (408) 804-4010